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  • Analysis, recoverability of biogas and preparation of feasibility study
  • Preparation of charts based on historical data provided by the customer for the determination of the biogas production trend
  • Forecast of production trends of the biogas produced from the fermentation of waste
  • Sizing of equipment for the collection of biogas from landfill, animal waste, and waste water treatment plants
  • Sizing of suction and compression equipment depending on the purpose required
  • Design of dehumidification systems and treatment of the biogas
  • Audit of management and plant operation


  • Implementation of a custom database such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems
  • Analysis and validation of biogas production and improvement of biogas captivity
  • Supervision of biogas collection and network operation
  • Storage of information collected in the database
  • Plant management


  • Biogas education: formation, physical and chemical characteristics, migration, etc.
  • Policy management and operation of the biogas plant
  • Facility security and risk analysis
  • Adjustment of biogas captivity


  • Preparation of Project Design Document
  • Assistance in application for DNA approval and DOE validation
  • Assistance in the verification process with the DOE including preparation of Monitoring Reports
  • Advice in ERPA negotiations and CER pricing

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